Thursday, January 29, 2009

But Why Should I Choose SOY Candles?

Soy Wax is thicker and softer than paraffin wax. All natural soybean wax is so soft that it can be scooped with a spoon. This softness and thickness is a little hint to the fact that soy candles burn 30% longer on average than traditional candles.
Soy Wax is biodegradable. If an accident occurs and hot wax is spilled on your countertop, it can easily be cleaned up with soap and water. Jars can be reused by rinsing them out and placing in the dishwasher.


The Stewart Stuff said...

You forgot to mention the most important thing:
Yours are adorable!!!

Rustic Candles said...

LOL thanks Jen

Creative Coquette said...

wow, I never knew that about soy wax candles! I am sold!

Thanks for the infos!

Karrie said...

I LOVE candles! I did not know that about soy candles. May have to change since I can't keep candles in my house very long. Very cute blog BTW.

Unknown said...

I heard it's also eco friendly. Is this true? :)

Rustic Candles said...

My dear Darling, Yes I too have heard that's it's ECO friendly. I haven't heard anything bad about soy candles yet.